Luxury Handmade & Vintage Chenille Robes

Fluffy Tufts Chenille designs one-of-a-kind chenille robes using original vintage chenille bedspreads. All our chenille robes are handcrafted with peace + love right here in the USA. We also offer a limited number of true vintage chenille robes for sale from our own personal collection.

Purchase our chenille robes on our sister site, Simply Chenille, or scroll down to explore some of our upcoming robe designs.

Chenille Robes for Every Occasion

For pure glamour, for costume, or for everyday wear, chenille robes bring a distinct essence of magical nostalgia and warm coziness. 

Handmade Chenille Robes

Vintage Chenille Robes

Upcoming Chenille Robes

Here are samples of our upcoming designs. If you’d like to be notified when the project is complete or are looking for something in particular, please contact us. 

Shell Pink Garden Mums

100% cotton. Medium weight. 1950s era chenille in a shell pink/shrimp pink bkgd accented with pastel garden mums.

Dreamy 1940s Mauves

100% cotton. Medium weight. Classic 1940s mauve with burgundy accents and multi-color floral motifs. 

Bluebirds of Happiness

100% cotton. Lighter to medium weight. Gorgeous “bluebirds of happiness” design on pastel yellow. 

Frosted Cupcakes Delight

100% cotton. Lightweight. Luscious curlicues, swirls & florals on a sugary pink bkgd in a beloved pattern.

Our Story

Our love of vintage chenille runs deep and is intricately connected to our values. Vintage chenille bedspreads represent simpler times that were untouched by the 24/7, “always on” rapid pace of our modern digital era. It’s cliche, yes, but also very true. 

In our era of mass production at any cost (often to the detriment of nature and humanity), many in our younger generations don’t even know what “quality” means and have no recollection of a time when “Made in the USA” really meant something. 

Old textiles in general – not only vintage chenille – carry a certain mystique. Where is the person who loved it once before, perhaps long ago? What were they like? Where has it traveled in its often decades-long journey? It’s forever a mystery…




“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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