Past PrettieS

Peek at some collages featuring our favorite past designs in vintage chenille robes. 


All our own designs are handcrafted with love in our enchanted country studio.

Oodles of Chenille

For more vintage chenille, visit our sister site, The Cottage Divine.

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Chenille Robes for Every Occasion

For pure glamour, for costume, or for everyday wear, chenille robes bring a distinct essence of magical nostalgia and warm coziness. 

True vintage robes are normally more “fitted” in terms of fit, whereas modern spa-style bathrobes provide a more roomy silhouette. 

Vintage style chenille bathrobes are also often quite small, with narrow shoulders and a long, flowing silhouette. 


The Allure of Vintage Chenille…

Vintage chenille bedspreads represent simpler times that were untouched by the 24/7, “always on” rapid pace of our modern digital era. It’s cliche, yes, but also very true. 

In our era of mass production at any cost (often to the detriment of nature and humanity), many in our younger generations don’t even know what “quality” means and have no recollection of a time when “Made in the USA” really meant something. 

Old textiles in general – not only vintage chenille – carry a certain mystique. Where is the person who loved it once before, perhaps long ago? What were they like? Where has it traveled in its often decades-long journey? It’s forever a mystery…

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